Skyrim Alchemy Pro v1.0 has been released

The ultimate alchemy Android manager for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim game has been released.

With this application you can find optimal combinations for any objective. Get the maximum benefit, or effects you want. Create pure potions and poisons, or recipes for discovering the largest number of effects. Try different alchemy perks before upgrading. Increase quickly your gold and your skills.

– Calculates all recipes that can be done with a set of ingredients. Even the 20,350 possible combinations with all ingredients.
– Allows you to manage various character status. Remembers current skills, selected perks and equipment of the character. These values ​​influence the results of alchemy.

– The value, magnitude and duration of effects in the recipes is calculated taking into account the character status. Thus the results are identical to those obtained in the game.
– It takes into account the “special” ingredients that multiply (sometimes x100) the value, the magnitude and duration of certain effects.
– Every character status allows easy storage of ingredients data: the amount and effects that has been already discovered in the game.

– You can use these data in searches to find recipes possible with your inventory, or recipes with whom discover more new effects.
– When you decide to make a recipe in the game, you can press a button to update the discovered effects and number of ingredients. There is no need to manually update the character status in the application.

– You can do quick searches by simply selecting ingredients from the list. Needless to set the character status, or inventory, or discovered effects.

– After searching, result data can be re-filtered and sorted without having to perform a new search.

There are many available search – and sort – criterias:
– Ingredients: Depending on the inventory or selected ingredients.
– Effects: Various options depending on selected effects.
– Combinations: Two and / or three ingredients.
– Results: Various options depending on whether they are special or pure.
– Sort: By ingredient names, main effect names, number of discovered effects, value, cost of ingredients, ratio value/cost and number of effects.

Skyrim Alchemy FREE: Free version is fully functional but has ads and search is limited to one per minute. However, during that time you can filter the results of the previous search.
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Skyrim Alchemy PRO: The Pro version has the same functionality, but has no ads and no wait times.

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– Fully translated into SPANISH and ENGLISH.
– Ingredient names and effects translated into GERMAN, CZECH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, POLISH and RUSSIAN. The application can work in all that languages, wating for interface translations.

– An Android 2.1 device or higher (API Level 7)

Tested on:
– Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.3.4)
– HTC Hero (Android 2.2.1)

User Permissions:

– I’m working on a feature that allows you to save and share your favorite recipes.
– I’m working on the possibility of making backups of character status, allowing to share and to export from FREE to PRO version.

If you have ideas, comments, bugs or translation issues, write to:

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– Or purchase the PRO version.

Have fun.